Our Services

Civil works

We undertake all types of civil works. Whether it is a compound wall or an extension of any sort, we udnertake it by submitting proper budget and plan.

Wooden House Constructions

This is one of our speciality, we can say that we have mastered this wooden house art into perfection. We can succesgfully build all types of wooden houses to the entire satisfaction of our customers.

Plumbing & Electrical

As we are very familiar with plumbing and electrical also, we need not rely on outsourcing the same. We have in house team to take care of these services. We can either mingle this with the whole project or we can also do it alone.


Fixing or finding a carpenter, a good carpenter is almost impossible in these times. Here we come as a blessing in disguise. Our best team of carpenters can undertake any project as a whole or as part and complete it fully.


Be it inside the premises or outside the premises we give colourful solutions to both corporates and individuals. Our quick service and superb finish has earned us a name in the market

Gardening & Maintenance

Landscaping or its care is needed to most of our customers. Now a days we also provide this service as an integral part of our company

Civil Alterations

Many builders do not give civil alteration services as these are a much difficult area. But as we service as our moto we do give civil alterations services. We can do all possible alterations without disturbing the strongness of the structure.

Building Maintenance

Apart from buuilding and handing over, we do maintain the civil property. We have different packages, so that you can hire our services accordingly

Interior Desiging

A building has to llok fabulous from the inside this is our principle moto. We have a team of best visualisers who can focus on your thoughts and bring out the best in their designs and make your property look wonderful

Fabrication Work

This has been a chalenge to most of the builders. But thankfully we have made it in house. We do all kinds of fabrications pertaining to the project.

Path way creation

A robust pathway always enhances the outdoors. Be it cycle track or jogging track or walking pavement, we provide correct measured solutions which not only looks asthetic but also solves the isses within the budget.

All Grill Works

Strong grills are the backbone for any security. As we do care about our customers' 100% security, we do provide the making and fixing of all types of grills. We do have the technicians and tools ourselves for these kind of works.

Property Maintenance

May you be an NRI, with a property in INDIA and if you dream of a good company which can maintain it for a specific budget, you have come to the right place. Yes we do maintain your property and we do have different schemes for that.